Farmer, hunter, podcast producer, filmmaker and photographer.

I'm a descendant of Appalachian coal miners, Ohio River steel mill workers, and West Virginia homesteaders. I grew up just a few miles away from the Cuyahoga River, which famously caught fire a dozen times due to pollution, in part sparking the environmental movement in the late 1960s. That is my baseline. So now, after nearly a decade of living in Montana on the margins of the most intact ecosystem in the lower forty-eight, the Greater Yellowstone, I take the threats of political division, land-use change, drought, fire, and environmental injustice seriously. 


In our polarized age, I believe stories can serve as a bridge to foster understanding and guide people down the path of healing and expanding their own relationships with their ecological and human communities.


What inspires me most is the people I meet who maintain a viable relationship with their landscape. Communities that are closest to nature hold the key to a vibrant, resilient, more just future as we continue to adapt to climate change.


My mission is to elevate these voices and ideas into everyday consciousness. As climate change continues to rear its head, the stories we tell ourselves now are more important than ever.


We all have a role to play. What will be yours?



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