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Working Wild U

Narrative Podcast - 13 Episode Season

Between protected areas and urban centers, there is a zone in the middle where people share the landscape with wildlife. These working farms and ranches represent the working wild, and they are the future of conservation.


Through a partnership between Montana State University Extention and Western Landowners Alliance, I am a producer/writer/editor for Working Wild University, a narrative podcast that explores the crossroads of people, wildlife, and working lands conservation to sustain a resilient and connected American West.


The first season, which explores wolves in the West, is out now. 

View the full website here.

"Zach has been instrumental to the success of Working Wild University. He was critical with every step of production process from initial vision and story planning to final production. His vision, guidance, and expertise on every part of the production process was invaluable. I can’t compliment and recommend him and his work enough."

Jared Beaver, Assistant Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist, Montana State University + Host of Working Wild U

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