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The On Land Podcast

Elevating Voices of Stewardship in the American West

As the producer of the first season of On Land, I had the honor of documenting a diverse array of leaders in the West; from ranchers and ecologists to policy experts and award-winning journalists.

Explore season one here.


"This has to happen. We need to shift our relationship with the land and we have to do it now. And it is happening."

Nicole Masters

Healing the Landscape with Nicole Masters

Nicole Masters is an independent agroecologist, systems thinker, author and educator. She has been a leader in agricultural consulting and extension services in Regenerative Agriculture since 2003, and she’s the Director of Integrity Soils. 

Supporting large and small-scale producers to take their operations to the next level in nutrient density, profitability and environmental outcomes. She is one of a growing number of people who are facilitating the rapidly expanding world of quality food production and biological economies.

"It's pretty common for rural America to have food insecure communities so close to agriculture out there on the landscape. We've got to figure out how to close the circle and to help our community get closer to being more food secure."

Kelsey Scott

Feeding the Community with Kelsey Scott

Kelsey Scott is a rancher, artist, entrepreneur and leader in her community on the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Like the open prairie she calls home, this conversation is an expansive look into Kelsey’s relationship with the land.

Kelsey Scott (neé Ducheneaux) is the 4th generation of The DX Ranch on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. She is the owner of DX Beef, which offers locally raised beef for direct sale, and serves Project H3LP!, a nonprofit organization that utilizes horses to practice their Lifemanship philosophies with youth.


Kelsey also works as the Natural Resources Director and Youth Programs Coordinator for the Intertribal Agriculture Council, which presents her with a unique opportunity to support the improvement of Indian lands for Indian peoples across the nation.

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