• Zach Altman

Editorial + Film: Raising Awareness for Public Lands

In the summer of 2017, two friends and I set off on a run across the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to rally community support for public lands. In addition to attempting this monumental personal challenge, we wanted to use the story of our adventure as a vehicle for advocating in favor of protecting public lands. Applying Patagonia's Tools for Grassroots Activists as our guide, we organized our first campaign for a cause.

We rallied support from Montana non-profits such as the Greater Yellowstone Coalition and Montana Wilderness Association, the latter of which awarded us the Keep It Wild award for our work in protecting Montana's public lands. We also partnered with local and national brands who provided in-kind support and helped the film reach a larger audience. In addition to local screenings, Q&As, and regional media coverage, the no-budget film made the rounds in nearly a dozen film festivals all over the world.

The Common Ground project resulted in a feature article I wrote for Trail Runner Magazine, which you can read online here.

Other media mentions:

Mountain Journal

Mountain Outlaw

Outside Bozeman

Trail Runner Magazine

Article by Zach Altman

All photos by Seth Langbauer

Film + Project directed by Anthony Pavkovich

Film by Eli Abeles-Allison

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