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Featuring Local Artists

One of our 2020 marketing goals at Montana Gift Corral was to highlight our favorite local artists and their stories. Our first subject was a long-time vendor name Sam Ferraro, a metalsmith jewelry maker. We visited his quiet Bozeman studio and had a great conversation about his life and art.

This project was an instant success. We shared it organically on social media, then ran targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram to bring the story to the local community. We also saw an immediate increase in Sam Ferraro pieces on the website and in-store.

Read the full article I wrote here.

Above is an Instagram story, made with Canva, that I crafted to promote the release of the Sam Ferraro article and video.

Photos + Story by Zach Altman

Video by Zach Altman + Chris Wood

Produced for Montana Gift Corral.



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