• Zach Altman

Leading a Marketing Campaign using Social Media, Radio + Print

After being voted the #1 place to buy Made in Montana gifts by Bozeman Magazine's Readers Choice Poll, our team at Montana Gift Corral wanted to run a gratitude campaign thanking the community for supporting us.

After pitching the idea and receiving the green light, I began drafting video and radio scripts, planning the video shoot, and setting up our campaign timeline. We posted our video message as a regular social media post, then ran targeted Facebook and Instagram ads to present it to the local community. We also ran a print ad in Bozeman Magazine, with a CTA to bring customers to our brick-and-mortar stores. This campaign made a huge splash and helped us reach our highest viewership of any company video.

All great work is a collaboration. While I feel comfortable stating that I directed this project, it was a fun and challenging collaboration with my marketing team at MGC.

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